7 Best Eyelash Extension Kits of 2021

best eyelash extension

Every single girl is Beautiful. Gorgeousness is their right. All of us want to appear pretty in the simplest way. But sometimes it becomes so difficult when you’re using some artificial cheap products. They just exhaust your valuable time. Specifically putting on an artificial eyelash each and every morning or every time when you’re walking out is literally time-consuming. 

Today’s most women don’t have as much time to apply fake eyelashes whenever they are going out the door. Considering the fact, this article presenting some everlasting solutions for you which will give long-lasting, shining eyelash extensions without any kind of uneasiness as well as will save your precious time and give you a gorgeous look within a  short time. 

Have a look at the Top-7 best eyelash extension kits Rating from Amazon. 

Best eyelash extension kitsOur PickProofreader’s ChoiceRating
Best Overall1. Lash Artist Kits Semi-Permanent Best Eyelash Extension by MIA LASH LAB4.4/5
The second Best2. Eyelash Extension Korean Mink False  Eyelash by RY Store4.2/5
Best Budget Friendly3. Eyelash Extension false Black Eyelash by BAISDAI4.0/5
Best dense lash4. Eyelash Extension Mink False Eyelash by WINDMAX4.0/5
Best easy-to-use5. Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head by LK LANKIZ4.3/5
Best with Mannequin6. Lash Mannequin Head replaced Eyelids Silicon by BEEOS4.3/5
Best eyelash extension kit set7. Eyelash Extension Kit with Mannequin Head by BEYELIAN4.0/5

A girl can look much more attractive than earlier by extending her eyelashes. Extending the eyelash process has been going for a long time, it’s not a stylish activity of the current era, girls are having this previously also. But the procedure is updating day by day and making extension eyelashes easier than ancient.

You’ll find more than a couple of effective lashes extension reviews from where you can choose the best Eyelash Extension Kit which is suitable for you. We made informative research on lash extension and rated the mentioned products depending on product material, various size options, comfort, disposal ability, and reviews of the customers.   

From this article, you’ll come to know about Overall the Best Eyelash Extension kits. The mentioned Eyelash Extension Kits really belong to very high-quality brands. 

Having so many pros but there might be some cons to cheap products. They may cause loss of your natural eyelashes. Sometimes high-quality brand products may also cause cons to you if you’re not using them properly. To keep yourself free from these you have to know about proper application methods.

Sensitive skin people should be more careful. It may cause infection. In this sense, magnetic eyelashes are safer than other types of false eyelashes which use harmful glues. But high-quality brands provide the best quality of glues. 

Some of them have earned the best place in the market. Why won’t they! They’re not just high quality, you’ll find them in a number of different sizes, fashioned by synthetic fiber, and to ensure their finest quality they’re crafted by hand.  

You’ll be able to buy these quality products at a favorable rate from Amazon. 

Here we go! 

Introducing the 7-Top-Rated best Eyelash Extension kits.  

Considering the features anyone can buy the products. Will be able to ask questions about the products frequently. Synthetic Eyelash Extensions, Mink Eyelash Extensions, Silk Eyelash Extensions are available.     

Best Ever Eyelash Extension kit:

Mia Lash Laboratory Eyelash Extensions

Manufactured by Synthetic Mink (Imported from South Korea) Individual Eyelash Extensions. Containing True Black without Blue hue which has natural brilliant finishing. 

All of them are 100% handmade (experienced craftspeople do the work). 

They are made of synthetic mink which are very lightweight (item weight: 1.76 ounces), and easy to use. You’ll be able to have a naturally glossy look, full Dark creates a thick and glamorous look.  

Product design is so real to make you feel that the lashes are natural, their lightweight, and glossy finish make it so!  They are incredibly long-lasting. So don’t be worried about buying this high-quality eyelash extension product.     

Perhaps, you’re rushing from store to store or buying multiple sizes of lashes to fit your natural eyelashes. 

How troublesome is this!  

But not to worry, Mia Lash Laboratory brings multiple size lashes for you. From them, you can choose your desired one. So, you need not worry about buying the wrong size, buying multiple lashes, or rushing from store to store.  Even you’ll get everything you want in one tray.  

If you’re searching for a high-quality eyelash extension kit, here it is!  This is a good choice to purchase. 

To be more specific, the product is designed for schooling purposes. However, you are thinking of joining a beauty college for training and searching for a high-quality eyelash extension kit then this is the one on which you can invest certainly.      

Key Features of Mia Lash Laboratory Eyelash Extensions

  • Synthetic Mink 
  • 100% handmade
  • Available in multiple sizes 
  • Long-lasting 
  • The glue dries 30% faster

Buy this best eyelash extension kit from amazon at only $$

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Buy this best eyelash extension kit from eBay at only $$

  • Handmade
  • Made of soft synthetic imported fiber
  • Don’t make any irritation to your eyes
  • Suitable for schooling
  • You can’t buy a single one, have to buy a set
  • Need extra care.

RY Store: Korean Best Eyelash Extension kits Mink False Eyelash

Individual Eyelash Extensions of RY are made of Korean Mink.  Each product contains quality ingredients. They don’t do any harm to the natural lashes and make you feel the lashes so soft and original. These glossy lashes will extend your lashes and give you a marvelous appearance. Additional items that are necessary for applications of eyelash extensions are also high-quality. Customers will have lightweight density eyelash extensions, they are not ridiculously heavy. 

Some of the users noted that the gel pads are amazing and easy to put on.  Truly lint-free & adjusting, their tweezers don’t stick on them. This is one of the reasons why customers love the products so much & they don’t do any harm or don’t hurt the actual lashes.   So those who have weak and small lashes can use it frequently cause they don’t make any damage to the natural lashes but give a gorgeous look. They come in different sizes of curls.  

They might be quite expensive but provide you a quality product for a good amount. Customers will have 50 pairs of eyelash extension tape. These tapes are literally useful.  At the time of the eyelash extension process to hold your lower lashes, you can use collagen eye patches in place of surgical tape.

These collagen eye patches are so useful to any kind of skin. During Eyelash Extension treatment collagen tape will tempt the skin collagen and make the under eye skin brighter than ever. It provides nutrients and antioxidants to the under-eye skin collagen and removes the dark circles. So, when you’re having the eyelash extension treatment you’re making your under-eye skin bright on the entire treatment. 

These brightening & securing eye patches will harness the warmth of your skin and gradually release nutrients and moisture to your under-eye area. Finally having the entire treatment your under-eye area will be more hydrated, your skin elasticity will be increased, the under-eye area will be less puffy as well as after a time period dark eye circles will be gone.

When you’re taking your eyelash extension service in the meantime to hold down your lower lash area with collagen patches you’re providing a luxurious treatment to your under-eye area. This is a long-lasting service. As they are lint-free nothing can spoil your look. 

Products are totally genuine.  50 pairs of eyelash extension tools provide medical tape. Each tape size is 7cm × 2.8 cm and every single pair wrapped individually. They provide trays of some popular mixed size lengths by this you need not buy so many unusual lengths. Each and every tray has 16 lines of premium Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions. You’ll find 4 to 5 lengths on each tray. They are easy to use for their labeling, C-Curl, D-Curl, CC-Curl, LC-Curl. Size in diameters 0.03 to 0.18. 

Features of RY Eyelash Extensions–  

  • Made of imported ingredients 
  • 100% genuine. 
  • Useful medical tape 
  • The glue dries in 30 seconds. 
  • Quick unloading glue.  
  • Easy application
  • Collagen tape to hold down lower lashes make under eyebright
  • Don’t hurt actual lashes
  • Quality product but expensive.
  • Eye pads’ shape might come in different.

Eyelash Extension False Black Eyelashes: BAISIDAI

BAISIDAI eyelash extensions ensure the customers to have quality products. Their false eyelashes are hard to recognize that they are not real. Lashes fiber is of good quality, soft, silky, and glossy. They are able to give you a wonderfully natural look. They come in individual lashes. So that they seem so real. They won’t damage your natural lashes with their ingredients. Glue quality is so high.

Don’t cause any burn to your original lashes if you apply it from an expert. Don’t try to use it by yourself. It may cause harm as your own eyes are closed. After applying for the black eyelash extensions you’ll have a shiny, natural-looking eyelash. These are also long-lasting with good care. After a few days, you can easily remove them with the help of providing remover.  They are so light-weight as they are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It feels so real. 

You will get a brand new, High-quality product in a hard case. A professional False Eyelash Extensions full kit set within the case. Finding all the accessory elements here you’ll realize that the company has not betrayed.  A 23L × 19W × 9.5 (cm) case will provide whatever you need to extend your lashes. It’s a full kit set of eyelash extensions. Here mentioning few of the accessory products that you’ll find in the hardcore box,

  • Lashes cleanser of 100 ml 
  • Lashes Glue of 15 ml 
  • Lashes rebounder of 10 ml 
  • Air pump for drying 
  • Scissors 
  • Brush 
  • One straight and one curved Tweezer 
  • Eyebrow tweezers 
  • Eyelash curler with a little comb 
  • White eye stickers 
  • 1 piece of Mirror 
  • Silver case with key 
  • And finally a user manual  

That provides a number of sizes of eyelashes in the set. And also have a variety of length. Here you find 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm long black color false eyelashes strip box. Not to be worried about the size and length. The good thing is you’ll have all these at a reasonable price.  

Here I must include some Special  Note about the products. Read this very carefully. There is no doubt that BAISIDAI is one of the high-quality eyelash extension brands but it has some hindrances. Before using the products you’ve to be very careful about them. So Let’s see! 

Specifically saying BAISIDAI is a product that is used in professional sectors. So if you’re thinking of buying it make sure you’ll be able to apply it by a certified one. We’re strongly discouraging you to apply it by yourself. As your eyes are closed you’re not seeing what’s going on! However, they are chemical-based products if they enter into your eyes it may cause harm. So, this is highly restricted for untrained use.

You must be trained or know how to apply them properly.   This is only for professional application, mind it. The very very important thing, before applying the product on you make sure your skin isn’t allergic. Making a skin allergy test is a must. Never use it on a wounded skin or if it has any crack. Don’t apply eyelash glue by yourself. Individuals should be away from eyelids and skin.

Key Features of BAISIDAI Eyelash Extensions : 

  • Literally long-lasting 
  • Very soft material and feels real 
  • Comes with various types of length and sizes. 
  • Long-Lasting
  • Provide everything in one set
  • Favorable price
  • Looks like natural lashes
  • Not for sensitive or allergic skin
  • Can’t apply by yourself
  • Only for professional use
  • Removing it without an expert will harm natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Mink False Eyelashes: WindMax:      

Are you looking for a dense eyelash extension kit?! 

Then WindMax Eyelash Extensions Mink False Eyelashes are here for you. 

Mink fur is used to manufacture false eyelashes, not for a long time. But when it has been used to make false eyelashes the demand for mink fur has been increasing. Mink fur made eyelashes are more helpful than other false eyelashes. These are easier to manage than any silk false eyelashes. Mink fur eyelashes feel so real. Though the fur quality varies from brand to brand. WindMax ensures you to have the best quality Korean Mink Fur.  These lashes are very thick but this does not mean that they are heavy. WindMax eyelashes are much more thick but very lightweight. It feels so good to use and comfortable.  

This is a perfect package for eyelash extensions. This package includes Eyelash Extensions Full kit Set in One Case. Box weight is around 1200g. In a beautiful Gold hard box Suitcase, you’ll find all the things which are necessary for eyelash extensions.  All chemical products (including  Adhesive, primer, remover, Semi-Permanent mascara, etc.) 

A perfect kit for makeup lovers. It’s really worth its price. Accessory products are so useful except the glue. The glue is not for sensitive skin. Try to avoid it if your skin is sensitive.  

WindMax Eyelash Extensions are very long-lasting. Comes with different lengths (8mm, 10mm,12 mm,14 mm, 15 mm) & also with various curls (C-curl, D-curl, J-curl etc). 

You can apply the product and it’ll stay without making any trouble around one week. 

If you’re doing your Eyelash Extensions from a professional and tired of paying a high amount then WindMax is for you. You can do your Eyelash extension by your family, friends, or by yourself. If you are good enough at Eyelash Extensions it’ll be so easy for you to do. It may take a maximum of 30 minutes to be done. If you apply it properly you can keep it for one week or for the rest of the month.

This one of the best eyelash extension kits is increasing its quality day by day. Even if you wash your face or keep your eyes in water it will keep your lashes tight. As it’s a long-lasting eyelash extension treatment. Though it’s not as strong that you Won’t be able to remove it. You can easily remove the false lashes whenever you want. Providing cleanser is very much helpful. Remove Eyelashes without causing any harm to your eyelids skin. 

Key Features of WindMax Eyelashes Extensions: 

  • Affordable price     
  • Dense lashes with lightweight 
  • Wonderful Gold Case 
  • Quality product 
  • Good for the beginner.  
  • Thick lashes with light-weight
  • Don’t make any harm to the skin or natural lashes
  • Long-lasting & apply by your own
  • Providing glues sometimes does not work so well.
  • Not for the sensitive skin.

Eyelash Extension with Mannequin Head: LK LANKIZ  

LANKIZ is an All one Eyelash Extension kit.   It has brought an incredible Eyelash Extensions set. This brand is dedicated to supplying you with all kinds of eye products. A perfect Eyelash Extension kit will provide what else the consumer wants. Everything they supply is quality products. Completely made of high-quality fiber. That’s why these false eyelashes are so lightweight. They make you feel so natural. Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of the human body.  It plays a role window of the soul. Eyes spread one’s charm and actuality. It will help to expand your beauty and gorgeousness with the help of high-quality eye products.

Considering the consumers want LANKIZ to upgrade their products. Give stable curl lashes.  It’ll be useful to consumers as well as for the brand’s Commerce.      

Buying a LANKIZ Eyelash Extension kit you need not buy any additional necessary product. That set provides 7pcs essential accessories. If you’re a beginner then it’s for you.  Lankiz eyelash extension kit has all the necessary accessories for the eyelash extension training for the fresher.  You can begin your lash extension with the products & can learn so easily.  Professionals can improve their techniques by practicing with the provided tools.   

Let me mention that the eyelash extension glue they provide in the kit is made for practicing not to recommend for real people.       

Eyelash Mannequin Head, Individual Lashes,  Eyelash Extensions glue, Lash Extension Tweezer, Digital eye Stickers 7 pairs, Training lashes 5 pairs.   

Eyelash Practice Head is made of soft Silicon rubber. It seems like real human skin. No weird smell, very smooth and soft.  Lash Extension Tweezers are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel. Easy to use and grip lashes exactly.  The glue dries in 5 seconds. The extension lasts around 3 to 5 weeks.  Simulate the actual eyelashes curl so that it looks and feels so natural. No additional glue required for practicing head.    

Provide multiple length and curl of Eyelashes Extensions. C|D curl with  Tightly closed or straight curved.   10 mL thickness but very lightweight, length humidity 30% –  70%, length 8-15 mm, the most impressive is 1-2s drying time. They’ll give you a doll for your child. It is a good choice for beginners as you’ll get all the things that are essential for eyelash extensions. Its practicing head will make your hands more steady. You’ll get a chance to practice and will be able to apply it by yourself by the way.     

Key Features of  LK LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions with Mannequin Head:

  • The glue dries so fast like 3 seconds or less. 
  • No need to buy other accessories. 
  • High-quality products. 
  • Soft and shiny eyelashes that are incredibly long-lasting for 3 to 5 weeks. 
  • Extremely lightweight. 
  • Dries within 1-2s
  • Last 8 weeks with proper care
  • Seems so real
  • Practicing head make your ability high
  • Good for the beginners
  • Rarely has any cons. A little bit expensive.

BEEOS: Lash Mannequin Head Replaced Eyelids Silicon   

BEEOS false eyelashes are a feature of the best quality Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), an advanced polymer that is incredibly soft, light, cruelty-free, and silky. But It’s quietly hard to hold its curl. To ensure it’s stable curl the lashes led by multiple supervision that make sure the curl standard. These eyelashes are heated twice to hold their curl for more than 8 months. They simply don’t lose their curl over time. BEEOS is the best for this feature.  These processes make the lashes curl stable and give you a long-lasting service. The raw material is Korean premium fiber, totally handmade. All the high-quality material ensures you to give a gorgeous look.

BEEOS false Eyelashes are Semi-matte Dark Black, so these individual lashes are able to give you a denser and instinctive look. Furnishes with Hand in South Korea to ensure the best quality of the eyelashes. The strips of the eyelashes are made with a metallic film. So, when you’ll remove the tape, it won’t leave any paper scraps on the lash extension pad. To remove lashes, less tacky strips with ease. Foil backing paper,   as well no residual, no stick, not even kink.  Overall easy to use and very comfortable. For the special treatment of nano-processing Technology make the eyelashes extension a good combination with the glue and prevent it from falling off your lashes. 

BEEOS Lash Extension Mannequin Head Replaced Eyelids Silicon, provides you a set with an eyelash extension kit. Get different sizes of eyelashes, lengths like 9-15 mm and C-Curl, D-Curl, DD-Curl. So there is no issue with lengths and Curls. Provide advance Eyelash Extensions Training kit.   And these accessory products are also of high quality.   Everything for the best practice of Eyelash Extensions products. 

Training Eyelashes of 5 pairs, Removal Training eyes 4, Eye gel pads 20 pairs, One Disposal Eyelash Mascara Brush and one Diamond Brush, for Eyelash Extension 2 set of stainless steel Tweezers, Glue hold pack, for holding glue jade stone and ring cups, 1 pack glue cleaning cotton,  Eyelash wrist plate, one forehead pad, blower, etc are included in one package. 

Straight and curved Tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel.  Mannequin heads are manufactured by Silicon, soft as human skin, with no strange smell. Replaceable Eyelids for 4 times, these eyes are three dimensional, this 3D effect is very helpful for practicing.   These professional kits are perfect for Eyelash Extensions Training.    

You can purchase our lashes fearlessly, cause we consider any Situation Refund and Free Exchange!  

BEEOS  Eyelash Extensions Key Features : 

  • High quality sterilized  PBT material.   
  • 4 times replaceable Eyelids made of Soft  Silicon Rubber which feels like the human body. 
  • Long time stable Curl. 
  • 3D dimension Eyelids
  • Nano-processing technology-based
  • Silky, soft, instinctive lashes
  • Tough to hold Its curl without actual care
  • Best for professional use.

Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head: BEYELIAN  

BEYELIAN is special for Eyelash Extensions products and Lash Extension Tools. Beyelian Beauty always cares about good quality products, service, customer satisfaction, and the best product within a reasonable price.  Beyelian Beauty works with beauty products. Ensure to supply high quality, comfortable products to the clients. Continuously they are updating their products’ quality. And an Impressive thing is using their product a little bit will give you a naturally beautiful look! 

Beyelian Eyelash Extensions Mannequin Head is one of this package’s products. This one is perfect for beginners. A Beginner will have ever wanted things to practice eyelash extensions, as well as facial massage practice on the mannequin head cause it is made in a way that it feels like real human skin. Moreover, you can practice makeup on the mannequin head.  

The most special feature of this package is its Mannequin Head!   Because practicing on the Mannequin  Head after a time period it will be dirty then you can change its skin. Meanwhile, before changing skin you can use it several times by cleaning the skin with cleanser alcohol. 

Product the clients get in a package:  A Mannequin  Head for Eyelash Extension with Replaceable Skin, An Eyelash Extension Kit. Provided Eyelash Extension Kits are perfect for cosmetology students, also for the experienced tech of lashes. You’ll get an attractive box with Curved & Straight Tweezers, High-quality glue,  Training lashes, Classic and high Volume Lashes,  Mascara Brushes, Volume rings, Clean makeup Remover, Lint-free tape, and Eye Gel Patch! 

The Mannequin Head comes with an accessory replaceable skin put over the base.  In one order you’ll get two items. Its material is imported Soft  Silicon and good quality, that’s why it seems like human skin as well.  When the Mannequin Head will be very dirty to use you can put the skin on it and you’ll have a new head. This mannequin head has a flat base so it is on the table so perfectly and through this you can do your practice without facing trouble. 

To prevent stains or remove it spray a layer of hairspray on it, wait a little bit while it dries completely. Do this before every makeup or painting. This process will prevent stains. And after each use, apply soap on the artificial face rub gently with your hands until the paint begins to lose, and then rinse it with water. For stubborn stains use alcohol (more than 90%), baby oil, or mineral oil. 

BEYELIAN Beauty brand is so confident. They provide you a lifetime money-back guarantee. If you face any trouble with their products simply make them know about this they will take care of it. 

BEYELIAN Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head  Key Features : 

  • One order two items. 
  • Replaceable Mannequin Head skin 
  • All eyelash extension kits in one box. 
  • Quality product 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Good for practicing.
  • The glue dries in 1-2s 
  • Replace skin if it is too dirty to use
  • Glue dries Instantly
  • Soft, light lashes
  • Long-lasting
  • Anti acidic, anti-magnetic, anti-static ; High-quality non-woven fabric.
  • Available curls C-Curl, D-Curle.
  • Multiple lengths 8 to 17 mm
  • Need Assistance to apply
  • Removing the lashes without expertise may damage actual lashes.

That’s it. Here’s the list of the 7 best eyelash extension kits of 2021. Want to make your eyebrow prettier? Go through our list of 21 best eyebrow gel of 2021 to get the best elegant products.

Make your face makeup compatible with your eyes. Take a look at our best concealers for acne-prone skin and how to find the right foundation shade for beginners.


Eyelash Extension looks like you’re wearing mascara all the time. It’s basically for those who don’t have enough time to get ready every morning. With the help of Eyelash Extension, one can look ready every morning without struggling to put on makeup.   Once you have eyelash extensions you’ll be able to look gorgeous every day. Today’s most of the Eyelashes Extensions are long-lasting and Waterproof. That stays 3 weeks, 5 weeks, sometimes with proper care 8 weeks. 

So, you can be free from makeup issues for a long time. As they are Waterproof, you can also wear them while swimming. These Lashes are not affected by any kind of water, seawater, river water, etc. These are made of  Synthetic fiber, Silk, Mink hair, Human hair, Horsehair, and so on. All of them prefer Mink Eyelashes. They are so lightweight, easy to maintain, and feel so natural. Well, known brands always provide quality products, their false eyelashes seem like natural lashes. Even they don’t do any harm to your natural lashes.


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