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7 Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair of 2021

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The most noticeable part of a woman’s beauty is her hair. A good hairstyle can create a good impression on others. The hairstyle can change your whole appearance from oh no! to oh wow! and that is very important for an event. But most of the girls nowadays suffer a lot from huge amounts of hair fall and hair damage. Various health issues, Vitamin, and iron deficiency are much responsible for hair fall problems. The best hair extensions for fine hair can help you solve these problems.

And this results in a great disaster that makes your look more horrible. It is true that people’s appearance can impress others. Survey shows that long and voluminous hair makes a girl self-confident and more capable of doing her task in a fruitful way. No offense to the short hair ones but it is true that beautiful hair can fascinate others and enhance the charm of your real beauty. 

The fact is it becomes difficult for a working woman to take proper care of her hair due to working loads. Besides, they can’t visit a salon or spa to get hair treatment due to time shortage. So what should they do? The rest is to choose a hair extension which is the easiest and fastest way to get beautiful hair within a short period of time. It will give you a wide array of vibrant looks without the help of a hairstylist. This article will help you to find the best one according to your taste.

In this Article, 

The top 7 ranked best hair extensions for fine hair are:

1. Our Top Selection: GOO GOO Halo Human Hair Extensions

2. Our Second Top Selection: Hair Real Tape in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair

3. Best Long-lasting: Hairro Real Tape in Hair Extensions

4. Best Adjustable One: Runature Ombre Halo Hair Extensions

5. Best Light-weight One: Benehair Hand-tied Human Hair Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

6. Best Regular Wearing:  YiLite Tape in Hair Extensions

7. Best Natural Extension: LAAVOO Nano Real Hair Extensions

From these best 7 selected hair extensions for fine hair, you can choose your perfect matched one to create an impactful trendy outlook that you can use both on a regular basis and is a function. So without any further discussion, let’s get into this article.

The Top Seven best ranked Hair Extensions

        Our pick    Brand NameRatings are basis on Amazon reviews
Best in totalGOO GOO Halo Human Hair Extensions    4.2 out of 5 stars
Runner upHair Real Tape in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair  3.8 out of 5 stars
Best long-lasting oneHairro Real Tape in Hair Extensions  4.3 out of 5 stars
Best adjustable oneRunature Ombre Halo Hair Extensions  4.2 out of 5 stars
Best lightweight oneBenehair Hand-tied Human Hair Cold Fusion Hair Extensions  4.2 out of 5 stars
Best regular wearingYiLite Tape in Hair Extensions  4.4 out of 5 stars
Best natural oneLAAVOO Nano ring Real Hair Extensions  4.3 out of 5 stars

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change.

Things you need know first while choosing the best extension for fine hair:

We often get envious of seeing others’ thick and luscious hair and dream to have them. But many of us cannot maintain good health and do care which is the basic needs. And some of us fear choosing extensions as they have a chance of ruining our remaining hair. So these are some suggestions to keep in mind while choosing the right hair extensions for fine hair. 

1. Choose extensions to save your hair from being damaged:

Fine hair is very delicate to carry the weight, stress, and tension is placed on it by the extensions. Your goal is not to damage the natural hair rather achieving thickness. So you have to choose the extensions that are light in weight in order to prevent hair loss and breakage. 

2. Opt for extensions that hide well: 

Try to use those ones that will blend with your natural hair properly. Though it is difficult with fine hair to get complete invisibility, you should go for the Remy human hair extensions that blend easily with your real one. 

3. Choose extensions made of human hair:

Remember how ratty your Barbie hair is! The main reason is they are synthetic hair that cannot be combed like the natural one. So, it comes off easily from their head. Selecting the plastic extension can damage your natural hair also. Besides, you cannot wash or dry them to use several times. In this case, you must buy the Remy hair extension to get a natural look and form them like the celebrities. Furthermore, you can use various heat tools like Curler, Straightener on them. Even Remy hair extensions are easy to wash and dry.

4. Pursue help from certified hair extension specialist:

If you want to have voluminous hair like the models and actresses, you should consult with a hair expert first. They would help you to figure out how thin your hair is and what kind of products you have to use. Apart from all these things, they will instruct you about the wearing and maintaining process too. Thus, you can save your natural hair follicles from breakage and also maintain the longevity of the extensions by taking proper care of them.   

Types of Hair Extension:

Your days of struggling with short and fine hair have come to an end finally. You can find various types of hair extensions in the makeup store and can purchase them online too. But first, you should have knowledge about all the products available in the market. Thus you can find out which one is actually suitable for your hair according to the colors and sizes. Besides, you have to buy them regarding their longevity, weight, and texture. Experts can also help you to choose but I’m here to make your task easier so that you can discover by yourself which one you should go for.

Clip in Hair Extension:

Clip-in is a temporary hair extension that you can put on and takeout whenever you want. It is heavy in weight so you need a good amount of hair to attach the extension. So, it is clear that you can’t use this extension method if you own fine hair. This type of hair usually doesn’t have strong strands to hold onto the clips tightly and the extensions tend to fall out then. Moreover, you have to wear it attaching the clips with your real hair which will pull out the roots and make them weak due to heavyweights.

If you want to wear it on a regular basis, it will cause a lot of damages to your hair. And the ultimate result is a huge amount of hair loss and hair breakage. Lastly, it is much more tricky to hide all the clips for fine hair than the other methods. So for fine hair, it is a big NO to use a clip in hair extension.

Fusion Hair Extensions:

Fusion hair extensions are also not the best option for fine hair. You need to use different kinds of adhesives like keratin glue to bond the extensions with your natural hair. And the worst part of it is that it causes a lot of damages to your hair due to excessive use of chemicals in the glue and the removal process is also very much annoying. It pulls out a lot of hair while removing and causing harm to the hair roots. That’s why I would recommend you avoid this extension method for fine hair.

Weaves Hair Extensions: 

Weaving hair extension is a very long process that is used for girls with thicker hair to get permanent results. It is also known as the Sew-in hair extension method. The hairs are literally sewn into your natural hair that cannot come off easily. This process doesn’t work well with fine hair as it implies much pressure on the hair roots. Moreover, this method needs much hair to be braided and sewn into.

Experts do braid your natural hair and then use a needle to thread the braids with weaves.  In this way, the method puts much tension on the scalp and you would feel uncomfortable for this. The wig form is also available which is sewn in too. Though it is one of the most popular extension methods, I would definitely not recommend you to choose it because the wefts can be seen through your fine hair that is not decent in any way.

Micro-link Hair Extensions: 

Micro link hair extension is also called Micro loop hair extensions or Micro bead hair extensions. This Extension is attached to the natural hair with the help of small metal rings. Basically, the small beads act like a screw that holds the extensions with the natural ones. The metal rings can be the reason for irritation to the scalp. You cannot even sleep well with these metal beads. Besides, it needs high maintenance for a long time which is quite difficult. And if the beads aren’t removed properly, the hair can come out. So, you can’t use this extension method also for fine hair.

best hair extensions for fine hair

Tape in Hair Extensions: 

Tape in hair extensions can be one of the best options for fine hair as it is flat and less noticeable than any other extensions. It is easier and less expensive also. These extensions are placed on the middle part of your hairs sectioning the hair into two parts. The hairstylist will tape the hairs to your natural one that seems to be a sandwich whereas your own hairs are two buns and the extensions act like a patty. The tape contains no harsh chemicals or glue and you can remove it also in a very easy way. So, fine hair can choose this as it can provide you with natural and voluminous hair.

Halo Hair Extensions: 

Halo hair extensions are also a very good option for those who have very fine hair. The best thing is it allows you to grow your natural hair that is our ultimate goal and it doesn’t damage the hair follicles too. The hairs are placed on a thin wire that you have to wear like a crown or headband outside of your natural hair. These extensions have a fine thickness that gives you a desirable length and volume as well. You can put on this extension and take it out whenever you want. So, this method will work amazingly for fine hair. 

Nano ring Hair extensions: 

This extension is good for both thick and thin hair. It is 90% smaller than the Micro ring that is the smallest bond and best selection for fine hair. In this method, experts divide the hair into small strands to secure them with small metal rings. In this way, the bonds look incredibly tiny and it also gives good invisibility which can be a plus point for the fine hair ones. So, I would recommend this method too for fine hair. 

Hand Tied Hair Extensions: 

Hand-tied extensions are a kind of extension that is 100 percent real human hair and it is also a sew-in method. The wefts are super flat and thin which is easy to sew onto real hairs. The hairstylist conceals the real hairs and it allows you to style them without showing anything. So, it can be a good choice for girls with fine hair as this method lasts long and girls don’t have to worry about regular usage. 

There is no single answer for the best extension brands for fine hair. It fully depends on your personal choice, budget, and the skill level of the products. These top 7 brands are my personal pick for fine hair and I’m going to share the reason behind it. Let’s have a look at them.

Our Top Selection: GOO GOO Halo Human Hair Extensions

This brand is made of 100 percent Remy human hair. The extension is so gentle to the scalp that you don’t have to suffer from any kind of skin irritation or itching. The texture is highly thick to cover the unfurnished head on the whole and helps you to get natural hair. They are available in various lengths starting from 12” and end to 20”. You can also find different shades and buy them depending on your own hair color. Weights can vary to 70g-100g which is quite portable and you would feel less pressure or tension on the head. 

GOO GOO Halo Hair Extensions

It is so easy to wear. You can apply for this extension by yourself with the help of a super transparent wire fix in it. The secret thing about this halo extension is there are attached some clips on the wefts to make them more stable. So, you would get double protection while wearing it. If you feel uncomfortable with these fixed clips, you can uninstall them too. You will also get two wires and a pair of eyelashes as complimentary gifts.

This soft and silky extension adds instant volume and length to your natural hair. In fact, it becomes harder to identify either it is real or fake seeing the thickness and density of your hair. You can also dye, color, and wash them via rinsing. Try to use a wide-tooth comb to avoid root tearing. You can apply different moisturizing products in order to make those extensions gentle and silky. I would suggest you heat the extensions keeping the temperature less than 150 degrees celsius.

In this way, you can reuse this product for 3-4 months and enjoy any kind of parties and functions with longer and more layered hairs. This extension got a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 1,098 reviews that are huge in number.

Key Features and details:

*Made from 100% real human hair

*Can be restyled



*Comfortable to wear

*Easy to apply and remove

*Do not slip

Our Second Top Selection:  Hair Real Tape in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair

Hair real tape in hair extensions is made of 100% human hair. They use hypoallergenic tape as an adhesive that causes zero irritation and no harm to the scalp. This adhesive is very strong to hold natural hair and gives you the look you are dreaming of for a long time. It takes only a few minutes to wear this extension. You can use them for a long time and save your valuable moments of putting on and taking off every day. Their weight can range from 60-80g. They are created in lengths of 16/ 18/ 20/ 22 inches. It is also available in various colors.

Tape in Hair Extensions 2 Dark Brown 100 Remy Human Hair

These extensions are mess-free and washable. It doesn’t shed or tangle easily. You can dye, curl and straighten them without facing any difficulty. You can also restyle them in many ways. The tape of this extension is replaceable which is great. In case it comes out accidentally, you can use it to fix another adhesive. In this way, it can last for 2-3 months.

However, heat should be limited between 130-150 degrees celsius on account of avoiding damage. This product can give you both a simple and gorgeous look. The mentionable part of this product is the tape here working as an adhesive that is invisible to others. Thus, your day of hassling with several products has come to an end.

Key features and details:

*Hypoallergenic adhesive tape

*Long time durability

*Soft and pleasant to wear

*Good quality

*Easy to attach and detach

*Can reuse it

*can be restyled in many ways

*Doesn’t tangle or shed

Best long-lasting: Hairro Real Tape in Hair Extensions

The Hairro Tape in hair extensions for fine hair is also made of natural human hair. This extension feels natural, smooth, thick that can provide your hair a fuller look. You can curl and straighten it in a very easy way. The multi-tonal technology allows it to blend with your own hair seamlessly. This product comes as a pack of 40 pcs and also contains 10 additional tapes. With proper care and maintenance, this extension can be used for a long time. 

Tape in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair

They are available in various colors so you can choose the extension that matches your natural hair. These extensions weigh very light and don’t harm the scalp and hair roots. The length starts from 12 and ends at 24 inches, such as 12/ 14/16/18/20/22/24. The extensions can be dyed also. I would recommend you choose light shades that would be very easy to color. 

You can manage them without facing any hassle and clean them using shampoos. You must use sulfate-free shampoo as it can damage the extensions very early. This product can last for 6-12 months depending on proper care and maintenance. The hypoallergenic tapes make this extension sticky and strong to hold the natural hair. It got 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon with a large number of positive reviews. So I would definitely recommend you buy this one for your fine hair. 

Key features and details:

*Hypoallergenic adhesive tapes

*Lasts for a long time

*Very soft 


*Can be easily curled and straightened

*100% human hair

*Easy to use

*Easy to style

*Easy to wash and dry 

Best Adjustable Extension: Runature Ombre Halo Hair Extensions

Runature Halo Hair Extension is made of 100 percent Remy human hair. This extension is silky straight and doesn’t tangle or shed. It can be curled, reused, washed, straightened, and so on. This extension will make you feel soft and give you voluminous hair. It has a transparent wire that easily blends with your real hair and you can perfectly match the shade too. 

You can buy this product according to your hair length. In case the buying size becomes unfit for you, you can adjust the extensions by lightning or losing the fish line. But keep in mind that you aren’t able to use the blow dryer frequently on them. You can wear a swim cap during bathing. The extensions can be taken care of easily. Just pour some conditioner into lukewarm water and put the extension in it. After 15-20 minutes, you can rinse and clean it by drying it in a natural way. You can find different sizes of extensions, for example, 10/ 12/ 14 / 16/ 18/ 20 inches. 

RUNATURE Halo Hair Extensions

Runature halo fine hair extensions do not make your head feel heavy or uncomfortable. You can wear and remove it so many times in a day without any difficulties. This product can last long up to 2-3 months. It has been rating 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon with so many positive reviews. Now if you love to wear a halo extension, then you must buy it.

*Very Lightweight hair extension and also comfortable

*Can last up to 2-3 months

*Easy to attach and remove

*No need for clips or glue

*No shedding and tangling

*Can be restyled in different ways

*Made with 100 percent Remy human hair

*Do not harm the hair roots or the scalp

Best Lightweight Extension: Benehair Hand-tied Human Hair Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

You have almost a bald head and want a proper solution that can bring off you this problem. Are you thinking of buying extensions but afraid of their heavyweights they put on your head? So this product can eliminate your fears regarding heavy extensions. Benehair Hand-tied Human Hair Extension is one of the lightest products that I love to wear every time. It weighs only 50g which is quite easy to put on. This lightweight product can provide you an exact bouncy look with a great thickness that you have ever dreamt of. 

Pre Bonded Cold Fusion Hairpiece

This extension can be bleached and dyed like you do your own hair. To dry down a wet extension, you should set the temperature under 180 degrees Celcius. It gives you the desired length, shine, and volume that make your hair more natural. This extension is free of shedding and tangling. 

There are so many colors of this product and you can buy them all to have customized hair. Every single package contains 100 strands. If you own much finer hair, you should buy 2-3 packets to get the perfect length as well as a completely natural look. This extension brand has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with such good reviews. 

*Give fuller look

*Can be adjusted to the size of the head 


*Very lightweight

*Provide desired bouncy look

*Does not tangle or shed

*Can be bleached and dyed

*Does not put weight on your head

Best Regular Wearing: YiLite Tape in Hair Extensions

YiLite Tape in Hair extension is good for all kinds of hairs especially can be one of the best options for fine hair. The wefts are so tiny and flat that it gives you a bouncy natural look without showing the adhesives. Nobody can find out that it was an extension unless you tell them. Since it is virtually undetectable, you can apply this for regular usage. 

YILITE Tape in Hair Extensions

This extension is of great quality with healthy ends. The single-sided tapes make it easier to install and prevent from slipping off. It is also very strong to hold your own hair and painless to wear. 

This product is so soft and smooth that it feels like your natural hair. You can dye, bleach, and permit like your own hair. You can also straighten and curl it without any trouble. You can buy these full shine hair extensions in multiple colors and sizes that would last long for up to 6 months. They come 48 pcs in one packet that is enough to provide you a fuller look. This product has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and got huge reviews. So I would suggest you buy this long-lasting product for everyday use.  

Key Features and details: 

*flat wefts

*soft and smooth

*Long time durability

*Great quality

*Does not slip off

*Strong adhesive tape

*Can be curled and straightened

*Good for everyday use

Best Natural Extension: LAAVOO Nano ring Real Hair Extensions

LAAVOO Nano Ring Real Hair Extension is made of 100% Remy human hair. This extension would provide you silky, soft, and shiny hair that is very easy to manage also. It can be washed, curled, dyed, and straightened like natural hair. This extension weighs only 50g but you can get thick and bouncy hair with the help of 2-3 packs.

LaaVoo Nano Real Hair Extensions

There is no risk of any harsh chemicals that’s why it is virtually harmless also. The metal beads are so tiny that they can provide proper invisibility. Moreover, this extension can seamlessly blend with your own hair. Like the micro ring extensions, it doesn’t harm the scalp, creates skin irritation, or does hair loss. Even, with these nanobeads, it is easy to grow your natural hair also in a very healthy way. 

This extension provides you an instant thickness with great volume and gives your hair exactly a natural vibe. These small metal beads are easy to be hidden even though the finest hair. They weigh only 80g-100g which is very lightweight also. And this extension got a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Key Features and Details: 

*No harsh chemicals

*100% Remy human hair

*Virtually harmless

*Helps to grow natural hair

*Provides natural look

*Do not damage the scalp or hair

*Very comfortable 

*Feel like real hair

Want the best eyelash extensions also? Go through our 7 best eyelash extension kits of 2021 to get the best ones.

These are the 7 best options of extensions for fine hair, and you can pick one of them or all, the choice is yours. Anyway, I include two more brands that are also my favorites with their pros and cons. Though they were not in our top 7, they can still be an excellent option for you. Here are the details and features of them.

Brand: Sassina Tape in Hair Extension

The quality of Sassina Tape in hair extension can blow away your mind. It is super long-lasting and gives you proper thickness. These extensions come with gorgeous packaging that can steal your heart at first sight. The installation process is also easy. You will get a comb and a free pair of lashes which is pretty cool. 

They use double-sided tape that helps the extensions to hold with the natural hair. And you can even replace the tape when it is needed. The tapes of the hair extension are invisible once placed. It is naturally straight and you can curl it too. 

This product is also made of 100% Remy human hair. There is no problem with shedding and tangling. It does not smell bad and easy to restyle. You can use these extensions for up to 3-4 months. You just have to make sure of avoiding high temperatures to protect the extensions from damage. 

They are available in multiple colors. This product is so soft and smooth that feels like your own hair. However, it can also give you full coverage and a bouncy look. 

Key Features and Details: 



*Does not shed or get tangled

*Easy to use

*Can easily be styled

*Soft and smooth

Brand: VeSunny Ash Blonde Highlighted Halo Crown Real Hair Extensions

If your natural hair is highlighted and you want to add more volume to your hair, you can use the VeSunny Ash Blonde Highlighted Halo Crown Real Hair Extensions. They are made in lengths of 12”-18” and weight is 80-100 grams. You can customize the length and width of the weft, hair weight, and wire length as per your needs. These are easy to wear without any glue or clips. 

The hair is silky soft to touch and blends seamlessly with the natural hair. This halo extension is lighter and does not slip off. It gives you the desired thickness and length that make your hair looks natural. The wire can be hidden in the mid horizontal section. This high-quality hair extension does not cause hair damage or scalp irritation. 

This extension is also made of 100% Remy human hair so you can dye and heat it below 180 degrees Celcius like the natural one. These are free from shedding and tangling and also do not have any off-putting smell. There are available so many colors to choose from. 

Key Features and Details:

*Easy to bind without any glue

*Silky soft to feel

*No shedding and tangling

*Made with 100 percent Human hair

*Extra provided wires

*Can be washed and heated

*No split ends

*No scalp itching

*Look natural

*No off-putting smell

*Do not slip

Some Important tips on Do’s and Don’t: 

You should do-

  • You must brush the extensions twice a day. But do not brush them when they are wet.
  • Try to brush the hair from the scalp to the end before using shampoo.
  • Try to go nearby professional hairstylist for trimming and dying.
  • Try to use moisturizing conditioner and apply them from mid-shaft to ends only. 
  • Always use a heat-protectant spray before using a curler or straightener.
  • Choose the length you need.

You should not do-

  • Do not use such product that contains alcohol or oil because they make the bond weak and they tend to slip out then.
  • Do not sleep with wet hairs. Otherwise, they will expire early. 
  • Do not wash the hair extensions every day.
  • Never use high heat on them as it causes hair damage and weakens the strands.
  • Do not dye the extensions frequently.

Hair extensions have become more reasonable and available in different styles. They are a healthy way to get thicker hair along with a natural look and add instant volume to your fine hair. I always recommend you to buy Remy human hair as they are easy to restyle, dye, and wash. You can trim them from time to time to avoid split ends. You just have to maintain proper care. In his way, these extensions can last up to 5-6 months. Grab your desired hair extensions today to create easy transformation!

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