7 Best Matte Liquid Lipsticks of 2021

best matte liquid lipstick

It is quite impossible to find a girl in the world who is not obsessed with lipstick. They might not have a full make-up kit, but without wearing lipstick on, a girl cannot think of going outside. Whether it is a casual meeting, a party, or an occasion, the best matte liquid lipstick can give you the complete ideal look you want.

Maximum girls try to avoid matte lipsticks due to their dryness, chappy feeling, and overhyped formulas. But the formation of every lipstick is not the same. So we are here to help you find the best matte liquid lipstick with excellent coverage, intense pigmentation, a shine-free finish, and ease to put on. And what if that lipstick is budget-friendly and suitable for long-term use! We, the elegant makeups team are providing you with a list of some of the best matte lipsticks on the basis of overall customer ratings, long-lasting effects, price, and formulation.

From these top 7 compiled best matte liquid lipsticks, you can choose your satisfying one to create an impactful trendy outlook with bold color or a nude one for a simple regular outing. And if you want to expand your options, here we are adding some more impressive products for you. So without any further ado, let’s check all the best drugstore matte liquid lipsticks.

The Top 7-Ranked best matte liquid lipsticks

Best Matte Liquid LipsticksOur PickBrandRating
Best In TotalSwiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick(22 real nudes)4.5 out of 5 star
Runner UpNykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick(Chai-18)4.3 out of 5 star
Best Budget FriendlyQIBEST (7Pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick+1 Pcs Lip Plumper)4.3 out of 5 star
Best Smudge ProofSUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid lipstick 02 Brink of Pink4.1 out of 5 star
Best long-lastingViva Lips Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks and Lip Liner Kit 4.2 out of 5 star
Best Liquid MatteMilani Amore Matte Lip Creme -Devotion4.4 out of 5 star
Best Regular WearingNykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick (Madras kaapi-05)4.3 out of 5 star

Let’s go through the complete review of the 7 best matte liquid lipsticks of 2021

Our Top Selection: Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick (22 real nudes)


The brand Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick is very lightweight, and the formula is super matte. You will get your desired natural look quickly by applying only a single coat of this lipstick for its light texture.

This brand has 23 more Iconic Nude shades with a dome-shaped applicator. That’s why you do not need to use any lip liner before applying this one of the best matte liquid lipstick. The shade 22 Real Nude appears a little bit pinkish on a whiter tone, so put on 2-3 more coats if you want to look your lips darker. It needs only 30-50 seconds to dry down. It stays on your lips for around 10 hours if you do not have any beverage.

The price of this matte liquid lipstick is $51.29 which is quite affordable to buy. The lipstick is super waterproof and has a very long staying power. So, to wipe it off, you must have to use a make-up remover sponge or any kind of lipstick remover oil. Just because of its ultra-smooth finishing with a natural vibe, you are going to fall in love with all the shades of Swiss Beauty.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Key Features and Details: 

  • High coverage liquid matte lipstick with a light texture
  • Non-drying formula
  • A one-stroke ultra-smooth finishing
  • Long-lasting
  • Good pigmentation
  • Dermatologically tested

Our Second Top Selection: Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick (Chai-18)


If you are searching for a matte lipstick that looks good on every skin tone, whether it is white or dusky, Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick (Chai-18) will be the best pick for you. It is specially designed for Indian skin tones. Girls who are always in a hurry can smoothly go for this brownish-nude shade for a regular outing. It has more varieties of 18 shades, all with a precise applicator. So you do not have to face any problem to blend it.

The best part of this liquid matte lipstick is it has a fantastic formula that does not make your lips repugnant or dull. You can get a great simple look with one swipe and go for a long time, about 4-5 hours hangout or tour without facing reapplying difficulties that have won so many girls heart. The color of Nykaa matte liquid lipstick is very intense, and it is cent percent smudge-proof. Now you are free to eat and drink whatever you want without any tension about unknowingly wiping it off.  

This 5ml matte liquid lipstick comes with a very reasonable price of $32.95 with a fair amount of quantity so that you can use it easily for 2-3 months. There are plenty of reviews with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. If you love the deep color on your lips with good pigmentation, just go for this option and buy it right now.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and Details:

  • Pleasant formula
  • Reasonable Price
  • Provide a matte finishing look
  • Regular shade for every skin tone
  • Smudge-proof
  • Cruelty and Paraben free
  • Precise Applicator 

Best Budget-Friendly: QIBEST (7 Pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick +1 Pcs Lip Plumper)


If you are a student who doesn’t have enough pocket money or a woman who is thinking of buying an overall lipstick, Qibest will be the perfect choice for you. At a very affordable price, you are getting these original seven pieces of a lipstick set with a glossy lip plumper.

This tube budget-friendly best matte liquid Lipstick has both elegant red and nude shades, which will give you a stunning outlook. You can use this kit as all one set. You can use the bright color for day to night wedding seasons or any parties. Even you need not worry about your office or regular shopping, and you can use the nude one for them.

The texture of this lipstick is soft and creamy which glides smoothly and covers the whole lips. All the shades are highly pigmented which gives you a velvety matte finish look. It is also very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Qibest matte liquid lipstick suits all skin types. Especially on fair skin tones, the blazing colors bloom out like a flower. Besides, the lip plumper gives you a silky touch that will attract everybody. It contains honey, which helps to nourish your lips and keep them soft as well. 

This lipstick is entirely smudge-proof with great longevity. You can use a makeup remover sponge or any oil to wipe it off. It needs only a few minutes to dry down and provide you with a fresh look whenever you apply it. Put it two or three times more to get a deep texture. And if you need a glossy look, then use the lip plumper on your lipstick. The best part of this plumper is that it smells like a chocolate bar, which is pretty cool.

On Amazon, you see the rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars with 1078 reviews, which are huge. If you are looking for a versatile lipstick collection, it can be a great deal to buy eight elegant makeup products with such a small budget.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and details: 

  • Gives a velvety matte finish
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Richly pigmented
  • Easy to apply
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Hydrating Formulation 

Best Smudge-Proof: SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick 02 Brink of Pink 

SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick will be a perfect option for the girls who want a smudge-proof lipstick with long-lasting power. The color of the shade Brink of Pink looks like plum rose to a certain extent. If you are tempted by One-swipe magic, then your query ends here. Because we bring you a vibrant shade that will make your lips more attractive and luscious, Smudge Me Liquid Lipstick is going to enrich your vanity bag as well as add a variation to your collections.

SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick 02 Brink of Pink

This name goes with its activity thoroughly. It is kiss-food-water proof and doesn’t smear into any drink glasses or coffee cups. It stays on your lips from the morning to the night until you remove it. The pigmentation is vibrant and intense, so you can apply a little amount of quantity to get an instant bright look with simple make-up for your function.

To avoid accidental spreading, put the applicator first on to your bottom lip and press the lower one carefully to cover all the corner sides. 

This brand has a full range of 10 more gorgeous shades that go with all types of skin complexion. It contains vitamin E that keeps your lips soft, smooth, and hydrated all day round. Those who have extremely dry lips should apply a lip balm or a moisturizer before applying this lipstick. To wipe it off, take some make-up remover oil in a cotton pad and gently rub your lips. 

This smudge-proof best matte liquid lipstick comes in a tiny container with an amount of 4.5 ml, and it costs $85 almost, which is quite an expensive one on our list. The rating of this lipstick is 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with so many good reviews. So those who want to create a dramatic outlook must purchase this.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and Details:

  • Long-lasting liquid form
  • Rich pigmentation with no shimmer
  • Suit all skin complexions
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Lightweight Packaging
  • Gives a complete matte-finish look
  • Transfer resistant

Best Long-Lasting: Viva Lips (Set of 5)


If you prefer a long-lasting, smudge and budge-proof lipstick that moisturizes your lips and protects you from being dehydrated. In that case, Viva Lips will be a brilliant option for you. The lipstick contains a fantastic formula which you are surely going to love. It is a set of 5 lipsticks with totally different colors where you get red, purple, brown, nude, and rose shades. The names are also unique such as Pearl, Ruby, Amethyst, Rose, and Tiger Eye.

 The color of each lipstick is so excellent that it provides your lips with a natural-looking definition. It gives you an intense coverage that lasts for a long time, almost 16 hours. With one swipe, you will get your desirable perfect look for the entire day.

This long-wearing best matte liquid lipstick suits every skin tone. It is made of such kinds of elements that nourish your lips and keeps you hydrated. This lipstick can be your best companion all over the year, whether it is severe cold or a hot sunny day. Give it 3 minutes to dry down properly whenever you apply it and enjoy your precious moments without any kind of worry.

You are getting these sets of 5 lipsticks along with five different colors of lip liners at a very reasonable price. It costs only $14 individually, which is undoubtedly a very low budget that keeps your pocket happy. It has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, full of great reviews. So hurry up and grab the best matte liquid lipstick set without any further delay.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and Details: 

  • Intense volume
  • Rich color shades
  • Full day coverage
  • Smudge and budge-proof
  • Super affordable
  • Nourishes lips
  • Easy to apply

Best Liquid Matte: Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème- Devotion


You will definitely love this revolutionary creamy matte velvety lipstick, which is so rich in color and will give you immense beauty. Milani Amore Matte lip crème has 11 more trendy shades, which all indeed make you amazed. This shade Devotion is a deep wine red color that is suitable for all skin types, especially on the dusky complexion.

It has a very flat applicator that evenly glides the lipstick onto your lips. Since it is super-duper long-lasting, you can wear it on a long day function without any reapplying difficulties. Besides, you don’t have to use any lip-liner to define your lips. The durability of this lipstick is approximately up to 16 hours. It smells so good, like a yummy vanilla cake!

This drugstore’s best matte liquid lipstick is very opaque as well as fully transfer-proof. So you don’t have to worry about smearing and can comfortably hang out with your special one.

It is between thin and thick texture and has jojoba extract that does not dry your lips. This needs only 30-40 seconds to run dry entirely. If you have dry lips, I will suggest you scrub first and apply a lip balm that will protect your lips from rupture. Thus, you can put on your lipstick.

This lightweight lipstick costs only $14.99, depending on the shades. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 3286 global reviews. So, it can be a popular collection for you.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and Details: 

  • Thin consistency
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting
  • Smudge-proof lip color
  • Matte finishing
  • Vanilla Scent
  • Creamy formula

Best regular wearing: Nykaa Matte to Last! Liquid Lipstick (Madras kaapi-05)

Description:  Those who love to wear lipstick but want to create an effortless look or the ones who are obsessed with nude lipsticks but in a dilemma to decide a regular one now leave all the worries behind and rely upon us. Because we are going to introduce you to a product named Madras Kaapi that will fulfill your hope, it is a slight brown nude shade which you can use for a stable outlook.

This regular wearing best matte liquid lipstick comes with the right formulation in a very classy and rigid packaging. The brand Nykaa has so many developed brown shades, and Madras kaapi is one of them that is way better than any other expensive brands. Especially the formula is so mild that you feel empty when you put it on your lips. 

The lipstick lasts long for 5-6 hours and has very well pigmentation. You might have to reapply this, but it doesn’t give you a chappy feeling. Moreover, it is transfer-proof, so you got the freedom to eat and drink whatever you want.

It will be the best choice for the office going women and for them who have to go out regularly. And its short-pointed applicator helps to apply the lipstick precisely on your lips, which is a plus point. So whenever you are in a hurry, just swipe a single coat and get your simple perfect look quickly.

Madras Kaapi suits on everybody. It looks nude brown on fairer skin and deep chocolaty brown on darker skin. The price of this 5ml bottle is around $45. So, if you love to create a classy, regular, and soft look, then it is a must-have item for you.

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Amazon

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from Walmart

Buy this best matte liquid lipstick from eBay

Features and Details:

  • Light-weight formula
  • Precise applicator
  • A perfect brown nude shade
  • Suits all skin tones
  • Gives a classy and simple look

These are the seven best drugstore matte liquid lipsticks, and you can pick one of them or all, the choice is yours. Anyway, I include some more here, which will increase your option to buy. Though they were not in our top 7, they can still be an excellent option for you. Here are the details and features of them.

Brand: Mellow (Tehran)

Description: Mellow gives your lips an ultimate smooth touch with a long-lasting texture. The hydrating formula provides you with a moist feeling while other lipsticks tend to dry out faster. And the ultimate result is, they left your lips like a dry, cracked, and rupture field. But Mellow gives you a velvet-matte finish with high pigmented shades that add an immense color to your lip. 

This one of the best matte liquid lipstick brands has 13 more stunning nude and bright shades that will make you a gorgeous trendy girl in front of others. It will make you more confident and strong to carry yourself.    

This shade Tehran is little bit brown that gives you a charming nude look. You can use it at weddings, parties or for daily outings. The formula is non-sticky, which keeps you comfortable throughout the day. This fantastic high-quality product comes in a thin consistency that doesn’t smudge into cups and glasses. 

This brand has never tested on animals, so it is 100% vegan.  It is enriched with vitamin E that which maintains the softness of your lips. Moreover, it has a unique arrow-tip applicator that helps to apply this lippie precisely.

Mellow costs $18, which is pretty reasonable and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It gives you full coverage with a long-lasting guarantee. It is suitable for all skin types. So adding this to your collection would be a great decision.

Features and details: 

  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Precise applicator
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Highly pigmented
  • Hydrating formula

Brand: Rechoo ( Matte liquid lipstick set of 12 


If you want a flawless, stain-free, and long-lasting result from a Nude lipstick, then Rechoo will be an excellent choice for you. It has a massive fan-base for lightweight formula and high pigmentation. You will get 12 shades of orange to pink and nude in a cute packaging which can be carried easily. So, you can combine two or three colors to get a customization look.   

They can be used on every occasion, whether it is a party or in an office meeting. It suits everybody, from whitish to dusky or medium to the deep complexion, everyone can go for it.

These best matte liquid lipsticks will give you a matte finish look along with a great fragrance. It is transfer-proof and stays up to 16 hours. That’s why you do not have to worry about having coffee or taking meals. The smooth matte finishing makes you feel more comfortable to enjoy your moments. To take it off, use a make-up remover sponge and gently rub it on your lips.

This pigmented 12 shades set costs only $16, which is undoubtedly very reasonable and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with so many good reviews. So, if it is your anniversary or girlfriend’s birthday, just pick it up and gift her without any second thoughts and make her feel special.

Features and Details: 

  • Gives a smooth matte finishing 
  • long-lasting
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Rich pigmentation
  • Water and transfer-proof
  • Smooth packaging
  • non-sticky

Brand: Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick (Give Me Mocha)


The girls of medium skin complexion have to face severe problems to choose a perfect lipstick that goes well with them. Sometimes the shades they choose looks very faded or sometimes it looks horrible. Now your problems end here because I will introduce you to a specially designed product for medium skin tones. It is the shade Give Me Mocha of Wet n Wild brand.

It is a pretty elegant shade with a very lightweight formula that makes your lips feel soft, smooth and comfortable. For its light and thin texture, it gives you a buttery feeling that does not dry out your lips. The lipstick is super opaque and smudge-proof as well. It does not come out of your lips while eating or drinking.

Nude liquid matte lipsticks are trending well nowadays, and Give Me Mocha is one of the finest nude that makes your pout more attractive. You need not reapply it because it lasts long for more than 6 hours. Besides, it has a small doe foot fluffy applicator. With a single coat, the lipstick glides perfectly all over the lips along with corners. It needs a few minutes only to dry down completely.

This catsuit range has 13 more shades that all are supreme and very affordable to purchase. The mentionable shade has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and thousands of reviews on Amazon. And last but not least, it is very much reasonable with a cost of $4.99 that anyone can buy. 

Features and Details: 

  • Lightweight texture
  • Suitable for all skin tones, especially medium complexion
  • Long-lasting
  • Travel-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Reasonable Price

Brand: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (LAX)


The Colourpop Ultra LAX is one of the most popular lipsticks of this brand. It is a kind of Burgundy red, which gives a dark tint to the lip.Colourpop lipstick gives a perfect matte finishing, which goes so smoothly on your lip. It is so highly pigmented that you need only a swipe to get full coverage.

The formula of Colourpop Ultra LAX is enriched with some essential oil that helps to keep your lips soft and hydrated. It will worth your every single penny with its vibrant color and gorgeous result. There are more than 25 shades available in this best matte liquid lipstick brand, which will make you fall in love with them. You can use all of these at a party, weddings, or any sort of occasion.

Though the pigmentation is loud, you need not be afraid of smearing it out as it is totally smudge and budge-proof. It is also transfer against and 100% kiss-proof. This lipstick lasts for a couple of hours on your lips around 5-6. It has a mint-scented flavor, which gives you a cooling sensation.

The shades suit all skin types, but the one who has a warm undertone must go for it. It will give you a royal feeling. This lipstick is not like the traditional one that makes the lips dry. The texture is also very light, so you can definitely use it in winter too. The fantastic doe-foot applicator works precisely on your lips.

Since it is ultra-matte, try to use an oil-based remover to wipe it off. This amazing product costs only $11.99 and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with many positive reviews. So those who need a bold punch lippie that is travel friendly also, buy it right now.

Features and Details:

  • Long-wearing
  • Transfer proof
  • Doe foot applicator
  • Rich pigmentation
  • Travel friendly
  • Cruelty-free

Some Important Tips for the Beginners:

There are many types of matte lipsticks. Some are liquid, and some are creamy. Some can be very smooth, and some results in very dry. It depends on you what kind of lipstick you actually need. In fact, you have to keep in mind some key points and also the useful features of that lipstick. If you are going to buy matte liquid lipstick for the first time, you have to consider all these things which have given below.

  1. You have to have well knowledge about your skin types. If it is normal, then you can buy every kind of matte lipstick, whether it is creamy or glossy. But, if you have an extremely dry lip, you must purchase a lipstick that contains hydrating formulas and properties.
  2. You also should zing your face makeup with your lipstick. You can visit our Face makeup section and explore, how to find the right foundation shade and choose the best concealer for acne-prone skin. Also, you want to make your eyes look prettier, right? Go through the best eyelash extension kits and best eyebrow gel articles to get the best ones for your eyes.
  3. You should check the shades of the lipsticks properly because matte lipsticks have various ranges like red edition, pink edition, nude edition, and brown edition. You have to choose which one actually goes with your skin tone. It also depends on your foundation shades that define how you are going to look like.
  4. See the longevity of that lipstick you are going to purchase as it is essential to know the service. Some of them last long for 5-6 hours, and some of them up to 12 hours. 
  5. Your hair represents your personality a bit. Get the best hair extensions for fine hair and the best hair dye for black hair.
  6. You should go through our list of makeup products for beginners as a beginner to get all the best elegant makeup items for your perfect beauty.
  7. The service of a Matte lipstick basically depends on the season. Some are good for summer, and some are for winters. Though many of them are designed to use all the year round in whole weather, you should still check once.
  8. And the most important thing is to keep in mind is the price if you are a newcomer in this lipstick world. Always try to buy the right products at a reasonable price. Though better things cost expensive, you should be conscious of the product quality. If you have a big budget to afford the expensive good brands, then surely go for it. 

Things you should follow every time:

Before applying lipstick:

The matte lipstick contains dryer properties that tend to dry your lips and make them patchy. But some have essential oils, vitamin E or honey that keeps your lips hydrated. The best thing is to do scrub your lips with lemon, adding some sugar for 2-3 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water and apply lip balm. In this way, your super mattifying lipstick will not crack and set smoothly.

After removing lipstick:

You must have to use a make-up remover sponge to remove lipstick. Or you can use make-up remover oil in a cotton pad and gently rub your lips. Thus all the lipsticks will easily come off. Instead of make-up remover oil, you can also use coconut oil or Vaseline in the same way. Try to apply a lip serum or any lip balm of good qualities every-day.

Please share your thoughts on any makeup item or makeup tips with us. Simply post your thoughts and share them with us.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Best Matte Liquid Lipstick

What are the best matte lipsticks?

Most of the girls do not like to keep matte lipsticks on their collection as they tend to dry fast and make the lips chappy. The liquid formula also sometimes can feel patchy and sticky. However, all matte lipsticks are not designed equally. Many companies are focusing on the types of lips and you can find a hydrating matte lipstick for your dry lips and a regular one for normal lips. Here are some best drugstore matte lipstick collections that would make you feel comfortable all day.

Best Overall One: Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick(22 real nudes)

Best Budget-Friendly: QIBEST (7Pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick+1 Pcs Lip Plumper)

Best Moisturize one: Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick(Chai-18)

Best Long-lasting one: Viva Lips Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks and Lip Liner Kit

Best Pigmented one: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme -Devotion

Best full coverage one: SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid lipstick 02 Brink of Pink 

Best Regular Wearing: Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick (Madras kaapi-05)

What is the best long-lasting matte lipstick? 

The best long-lasting matte lipstick is Viva Lips Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks and Lip Liner Kit. This is one of the best drugstore matte liquid lipstick that lasts long for up to 16 hours a day. It is available in 30 different shades such as creamy nude, mauve-pink, regal violet, mink gray, red and so on that suits every occasion. This lipstick has an arrow-shaped applicator that precisely glides on your lips and covers all the areas. 

It is an excellent smudge and kiss-proof lipstick that easily doesn’t transfer into any cups or glasses. Besides, all the colors of Maybelline Super Stay are richly pigmented and very opaque. It takes only a few seconds to dry down completely. The best thing about this lipstick is its budget-friendly price. It costs less than its great quality.

What is the best liquid lipstick brand?

Among so many options, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick seems to be the best brand of liquid lipsticks. It is the best because it has a buttery smooth formulation that provides you full coverage without any difficulties. It is enriched with different types of nourishing ingredients that help to keep your lips hydrating and hold moisture all day round. Besides, it rarely slips off so you do not have to reapply it repeatedly in a day. 

You will get 38 different shades that all are rich and very opaque in color. This lipstick has a flat oval shape applicator that is easy to wear lipstick precisely on your lips. It takes almost 5-10 seconds to dry down. So you can use this lipstick on your hurry moment as well as at a party without having the fear of smearing. The price may seem to be slightly high in comparison to other brands as it charges more on Amazon. But you will definitely not regret it after buying such amazing lipstick.

What is Matte liquid lipstick?

Matte is a type of lipstick that provides you a shine-free finish with more vibrant color. There are available two types of matte lipsticks. The traditional one comes in a creamy texture and the latest one comes in a liquid form. The liquid one comes in a small tube. Matte lipsticks contain wax, oil, and pigment. Some also have nourishing components like vitamin E, Argan oil to moisturize the lips.

The finishing of matte lipstick is excellent for hiding the cracks of your lips. Nowadays, liquid matte lipsticks are being very famous because of their applicator and low budget. Moreover, they are also richer in color than traditional ones. Maximum matte lipsticks provide long-lasting, full coverage of more than 6-7 hours. Even, they are smudge and budget-proof. So, you don’t have to reapply for the lipstick frequently.

How can I make my matte lipsticks creamy?

Matte lipsticks are being very popular among the new generation as well as the older ones because of their nice formulation. But many of us suffer from a dry and sick lip that gets ruptured when we apply a drier lipstick. Moreover, some brand contains more wax that dries fast and cracks our lips. But some tricks and techniques can save us from these kinds of disasters. So, here we go.

Use Vaseline or a lip-balm:  Simply put on your lipsticks in a normal way as you do. Then apply a little amount of Vaseline or a lip balm on the top of your lipstick. It will provide your lipstick a creamy texture and help you to be comfortable all day.

Mix some Vaseline with your lipstick:  You can also mix some Vaseline with your lipstick and apply it to your lips. This also helps the matte lipstick to be creamy.

Moisturizing your lips: Exfoliating can lessen cracks so you should exfoliate every time before applying lipstick. Natural things can be used for exfoliating for example honey, some sugar, and olive oil. Mix all of these and gently rub them on your lips. After washing your face, you must apply a natural oil to nourish your lips. You can use Argan oil or Olive oil as a moisturizer instead of a lip balm. It stays for a long time on your lips and makes the dry lipstick smooth on your lips.

Is matte lipstick bad for your lips? 

Though matte lipsticks contain various moisturizing components to avoid dehydration still, some can dry the lips. Some matte lipsticks can damage the skin layer. In this way, the lips suffer from irritation. Matte lipstick has more wax than oil that makes the lips drier. As a result, the lips look cracky and patchy, and applying lipstick appears uneven that time.

Which Matte lipsticks are best for daily use?

We don’t have to attend parties and weddings every day. But it is essential to keep our pout plum and attractive even on our regular days. And finding this kind of lipstick can be a life-changing hack. An office-going lady needs a simple touch-up with an eye-catchy lipstick. So, here are some of the best of the best for daily use.

Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick (Madras kaapi-05)

MAC Nude Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Color Riche Hydrating Satin Lipstick in Mica

100% PURE Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream


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