13 best nude lip liners of 2021

best nude lip liners

Nude lip liners are really exhausting to find sometimes. Not that they are rare but they are hard to match. The whole point of nude lips is that they’ll match the color of your lips. A source of neutral look with a minimalistic touch. Nothing too extravagant neither too plain. A very professional but sleek way to put make-up on. Goes with Smokey eyes, crease-cut eye shadow, etc. It’s always a choice between eyes or lips.

Bold eye with light lips or bold lips with minimal eye makeup. If you have both bold eye and makeup look it just doesn’t feel or look right most of the time. And nude lips cover both bold and minimal lip makeup. Just wear a nude shade darker than your skin tone. Or lighter than your skin tone in the middle and blend it with any other product. Here comes the other product. A lip liner. Nude lip liners. 

Nude lip liners are versatile. They can be worn with any lipstick you want to. Wearing a red lip, but you don’t want a red liner to make it look matte, wear a nude lip liner preventing the color from bleeding. Nude lips are always big on games. Typical party wear or any classical look. Never been too enthusiastic about wearing a red lip at parties. Might trigger anxiety! There are tons and tons of brands that are really big on nude games, with their glosses, lipsticks, matte lipsticks, lip liners. But it’s about the perfect tone and undertone for you.

And it’s never enough to buy just one-liner(from personal experience). I needed a nude lip liner based on my mood. The good days and bad days. And some to even for boosting confidence or sense in me. It is a safe choice. Like what can go wrong when you don’t look like you are wearing lipstick but you are! Lips liners are best as they can be used as lipstick as well.

The creamy ones are not drying and stay all day without smudging a bit. They stay in place, don’t make the skin oily(if you have oily skin), and easy to put on. Here are some of the best nude lip liners that are handpicked! Just for that no lipstick look. 

Here’s the list and detailed review of 13 best nude lip liners for your appealing lips.

1. M.A.C Lip Pencil- Boldly Bare 

Weight: 0.16 Oz with packaging  


Let’s start with an essential and classic brand and its nude collection. This shade has a cooler undertone with a hint of red to it. Almost purple-ish. M.A.C lip liners are very common and the most renowned ones. They are in good ol’ pencil form but not too stiff neither too creamy. You might have to put a little bit more effort into it but it is worth the look. A very beautiful nude that will go with pink or light red lipsticks or even pinkish nude ones. But the color itself can be used as a lipstick or with a gloss. 

To get it: 

  1. Pigmented and suits every lip color  
  2. Easy to apply and blends nicely with both matte and cream lipsticks 
  3. For oil parts, has hydrogenated vegetable oil which is an emollient and skin conditioner  
  4. Capric triglyceride is also an emollient and skin conditioner a masking agent 
  5. Talc works as an absorbent which balances oil in a product making it drier. It is also anti-caking 
  6. For waxes, they have synthetic Japanese wax in. Which is from a hydrocarbon source 
  7. Tocopherol is a source of vitamin E and anti-oxidants. This moisturizes the skin on a deeper level 
  8. Ascorbyl palmitate contains vitamin C and antioxidants 
  9. Mica extract is a mineral dye and anti-caking also enhances pigments in the product  
  10. Titanium dioxide protects the skin from sun damage  
  11. This has blue, yellow, and red pigments to it which gives an effect like skin(color) to it. Thus a nude shade 
  12. Bismuth oxychloride gives a shiny effect 
  13. Gluten-free and paraben-free 
  14. No SLS or PEG 

Not to buy: 

  1. Not vegan. Like carmine which comes from beetles 
  2. Has petroleum products that might cause allergies  
  3. Some of the colors might contain harmful aluminum 

This particular shade is great for cool undertoned skin and will be flattering in a day look. You can use a clear gloss with it to make the color pop. 

2. NYX Slide On Lip Pencil- Nude Suede Shoes 

Weight:0.19 Oz  


This is one of my favorite drugstore brands with the versatility of products on the lip, eye even foundation. They have really beautiful shades which suit all. And mostly with such affordable rates, they have a consistent quality. No matter how the luxury brand you try they have some specific range of shades, whereas, NYX has a huge range with different formulas. This shade has a pink undertone to it which is flattering for both warm and cool undertones. This is slightly darker than the mac one. In fair skin, it might look a little bit brown than nude. 

To buy: 

  1. Pencil kind and comes with a precise tip 
  2. Easy application and glides smoothly 
  3. This product has various kinds of waxes like synthetic wax, microcrystalline wax, ozokerite, and ceresin. All of them are from hydrocarbon sources  
  4. This also has tocopherol in it. A source of vitamin E and antioxidants, that is also a sun protectant 
  5. Another source of antioxidants is ascorbyl palmitate. This also has vitamin C in it 
  6. Mica extract has a soothing effect and also is a mineral dye 
  7. Jojoba oil is a great natural wax that has all the good parts like essential oil and terpenes which is very similar to human skin 
  8. Has titanium dioxide in it. That is a UV filter as well as a dye. This protects the skin from any sun damage 
  9. Isododecane works as an absorbent. So, a non-greasy feeling of the product 
  10. Has pigments of red, yellow, and black which gives a skin-toned shade 
  11. Gluten-free, paraben-free 
  12. No SLS or PEG 

Nor to buy: 

  1. Not vegan.  
  2. Has petroleum products in it 
  3. Has aluminum in it 
  4. Some ingredients can cause allergies  

Apart from all the back draws this product is a great purchase and had 22 different shades available as well. Even there is some shade of nude lip liner as well. So you can easily choose the one you like. 

3. Haus Laboratories RIP Lip Liners- Myth 

Weight:0.046 Oz 

Rating: 4.5 

The Lady Gaga brand. This brand already has a name for it being cruelty-free and vegan. A very anticipated brand indeed. The shade ‘myth’ is deeper than the previous shades and has a brown tone to it. Warm brown. The product has a glossy and hydrating feeling, unlike other lip liners which might feel a bit drying. The warm undertone will flatter dusky skin very well. But the color isn’t too overwhelming.  

To buy: 

  1. Vegan and cruelty-free 
  2. Doesn’t contain any SLS and PEG 
  3. The wax effect is synthetic wax and works like an emollient  
  4. For oils, they Ethylhexyl palmitate that is mineral oil and makes the skin supple and nourishing  
  5. Zeolite works as an absorbent and balances out the oil in it 
  6. Stearyl dimethicone is a silicone-based product that moisturizes the skin  
  7. Mica extract is a mineral dye that is a colorant and makes the product glossy and reflects light 
  8. For the nude shade, the pigments are red, yellow, and black 
  9. Also has blue and purple pigment to it 
  10. Zinc oxide works as sun protection. Titanium oxide does the same 
  11. Paraben-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has petroleum-based products 
  2. The silicones in it 

These lip liners have great reviews all over the internet. And the shade is flattering for everyone to use. This is the shade you might wanna keep in every one of your purses. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat- Iconic Nude 

Weight: 0.35 Oz with packaging  


Let’s jump to a high-end brand now. Charlotte Tilbury by Charlotte Tilbury. I don’t know if you have watched her make-up tutorials or not but that ‘darling’ makes me wanna look as pretty as those models. With various range of products, they have versatility in nude lipsticks and lip liners. The iconic nude shade is cool-toned and also very similar to the Haus Lab one. Just that the previous one was warmer side. But still, if you have fair to medium skin it’ll flatter your skin. A brownish tone to it. 

To buy: 

  1. Cyclopentasiloxane is the silicone that has a silky feel on the product. Forms a film over the skin that’s waterproof and non-volatile  
  2. For absorbent it has isododecane. This is also a moisturizer and balances the oils in it 
  3. For the wax base, there is synthetic wax, ozokerite, and cire microcrystalline. 
  4. For oil, this had Ethylhexyl palmitate. This also has a nourishing effect on it 
  5. Has jojoba oil in it. This is a natural wax and has rich ingredients in it. This heals the skin as well 
  6. Tocopherol is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants. This moisturizes the skin and an emollient  
  7. Ascorbyl palmitate is also an antioxidant and has vitamin C in it.  
  8. Caprylyl glycol is a humectant and emollient. This preserves the product for long 
  9. Butylene glycol also works as an absorbent and humectant and makes the application easy 
  10. Sodium hyaluronate is from hyaluronic acid and very moisturizing ingredients. It locks the water to the skin like crazy 
  11. Has titanium dioxide in it. It helps to prevent UV rays 
  12. The red, yellow, and black pigment is a source of skin color which is nude apparently  
  13. Cruelty-free and paraben-free 
  14. No SLS or PEG 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has petroleum products in it 
  2. Has silicone in it 
  3. Has preservatives and filler in it 

The product might be on the expensive side but it is worth a try. The creamy texture doesn’t feel drying and is also very hydrating to the lips. 

5. Covergirl Exhibitionist Lip Liner 200 In The Nude 

Weight:0.012 Oz 


The color is warmer than all of the above ones. This is the truest nude you’d find. Has red in it which is very prominent. The shade is absolutely very pigmented and a hydrating lip liner. It comes in a twist and application form. So no need to sharpen it. The tip is very precise. The product has shea butter in it. Which is very good for chapped lips. The formula is creamy and you can use it as a lipstick as well or blend it with your lipsticks to get a radiant lip. 

To buy: 

  1. Cyclopentasiloxane in it is a silicone ingredient. This is water-resistant and forms a layer over the skin making the application easy 
  2. Isononyl isononanoate is an emolleint added to it 
  3. This one also has mica extract to it. A mineral dye, sun protector, anti-caking agent, and shiny, glossy feel  
  4. Synthetic wax and candelilla wax is used as a wax part 
  5. Silica is an absorbent which balances the oils and moisture content in the product  
  6. Silica silylate is also an absorbent and works the same as silica 
  7. Has shea butter in it. This is full of vitamin A, E, F, antioxidants, etc. They protect the skin and also moisturizes the skin 
  8. Titanium dioxide saves the skin from unwanted UV rays 
  9. Iron oxides have pigments for nude-ish shade and also have carmine in them. Carmine has the red pigment to it 
  10. No PEG or SLS 
  11. Paraben-free and gluten-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Not vegan. Example: carmine 
  2. Has petroleum products  
  3. Has microplastics like polybutene 
  4. Has silicone in it 

Covergirl is one of the most affordable brands out there and their collection is worth a try. A very pretty color to have in your kit ultimately.  

6. Estťe Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place Lip Pencil- Nude 

Weight:0.04 Oz 


A warm nude shade, much like the NYX one but with added extravagance to it. It comes with a tilted brush. The formula is on the creamier side and has a gloss finish to it. Whereas, NYX one was matte. The shade is pretty warm. I think it’ll suit both warm and cool undertones. A pencil-based lip liner. You can use it as lipstick and won’t need any extra gloss. Comes in beautiful blue packaging and the brush is a pretty handful. 

To buy: 

  1. Glides easily and lasts long 
  2. A glossy finish 
  3. Doesn’t contain any alcohol or fragrance  
  4. First, let us talk about the absorbent, isododecane. This is also an emollient and balances any oil in it and making it non-sticky 
  5. For wax part, it has synthetic wax, a hydrocarbon-based ingredient  
  6. This also has beeswax in it working as an emollient  
  7. Pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate works as an emollient and creates a gloss feel on the product  
  8. Sodium hyaluronate is a humectant, working to maximizing water adsorption on the skin 
  9. Ceramide is a skin film-forming material that moisturizes the skin on a deeper level 
  10. Dimethicone is a silicone base and also has that smooth texture that is needed in a product  
  11. Silica also works as an absorbent and also makes the product stable 
  12. Titanium dioxide protects lip skin from sun damage  
  13. Iron oxide is the pigments that assemble the color of the liner 
  14. Gluten-free, paraben-free 
  15. No SLS or PEG 

Not to buy: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Doesn’t have petroleum or aluminum in it 
  3. Has silicone in it 

The lip liner must be on the expensive side but this is worth a buy. If you have used any of the products of Estťe Lauder, then you know how they live up to their brand. 

7. Kevyn Aucoin Unforgettable Lip Definer -Undressed 

Weight:0.01 Oz 


The brand is famous for its lip kits as well as its face makeup range. The color is a deep pink with a cool undertone. So anyone can pull it off with such skin. Also, it can be used to lighten any deep nude that you want to give a blend with this ensuring a nice gradient. A beautiful liner for contouring the lips and even to overline them. Comes in a twist and use way and so no need for a sharpener. The tip is very precise to use. 

To buy: 

  1. Lasts long and has a cream feeling to it 
  2. Ethylhexyl palmitate is a source of emollient and gives a layer of smoothness over the skin 
  3. Synthetic wax is used for a wax component. This is also a stabilizer 
  4. Zeolite is an absorbent to balance oil in the product  
  5. Mica extract is a mineral dye and Also helps to protect the skin from sun damage 
  6. The silicone part has stearyl dimethicone in it. This smooths the texture of the product 
  7. There are emollients like pentaerythrityl tetra-di-t-butyl, hydrogenated polydicyclopentadiene, and diisostearyl malate 
  8. Titanium oxide protects the skin from sun damage and has a pearl pigment effect  
  9. Iron oxide is a pigment for a nude shade, and carmine has red pigment to it 
  10. SLS and PEG free 
  11. No paraben in it 
  12. Gluten-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has petroleum part in it 
  2. Has preservatives and microplastics  
  3. Has silicone in it 

Apart from the back draws a great buy and the brand is very precise in what they put in the market.  

8. Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner- Lollita|| 

Weight:0.04 Oz 


This lip liner is pink-toned nude. But a warm one. This is also a twist-o-turn one. Has a precise tip with a very pigmented shade. The packaging is also pink nude. The formula is creamy so you don’t need to apply a lot of work to it. One stroke and you are ready to apply your lipstick. If you want you can use a deeper shade of magenta or mauve lipstick and apply it to the middle of your lips. This gives a gradient lip with a pouty look. A non-drying one and stays on throughout the day. 

To buy: 

  1. Doesn’t contain any alcohol  
  2. Lasts long and doesn’t smudge 
  3. Cream formula 
  4. Methyl trimethicone, trimethyl siloxy silicate is a silicone-based product that makes the texture of the product smooth. They are also water-resistant and creates a layer over the skin which isn’t volatile. This makes the product last long 
  5. For the wax, part ozokerite is used. A hydrocarbon wax to keep the product intact 
  6. Octydodecanol is an emollient 
  7. Synthetic fluorphlogopite is Mica extract which is an odor masking agent as well as a mineral dye that also forms a layer of protection from the sun 
  8. Acrylates are also silicone-based which also works by forming a layer over the skin 
  9. Tin oxide works as mica and gives a pearly pigment to it by making it glossy 
  10. Titanium dioxide saves skin from sun damage 
  11. Iron oxide consists of red, yellow, and black pigment by giving a nude shade 
  12. SLS and PEG free 
  13. Paraben-free and cruelty-free 
  14. Vegan 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has aluminum and petroleum components in it 
  2. Has silicone in it 
  3. Is a bit on the expensive side 

The brand has vegan to its name. So a clean product indeed. The shade range of this particular line is also very versatile and a really pretty color always to carry with you. 

9. Marc Jacobs Beauty outliner- Honey(Bun) 

Weight:0.64 Oz with packaging  


Every time I watched a video on the nude look with a smokey eye almost everyone suggested Marc Jacobs. The color is on the pinkish side and excellent for fair to medium skin. Cool undertone. A very pink nude with a hint of purple in it. This is also a twist and turns one. So no need to sharpen your liner before use. This formula has a ton of hydrating parts in it. So no chapped lips as well as the waxes won’t let the lipstick color bleed. The tip is very precise to draw the perfect lip line. 

To buy: 

  1. Glides smoothly and lasts long 
  2. Gloss touch 
  3. Has Cyclopentasiloxane in it. A silicone-based component that makes the product feel very smooth and has a layer of waterproof and smooth coat 
  4. Trimethicone is also a silicone-based one and has sun protectant 
  5. Mica extract is kind of essential in all lip liners. It minimizes the opacity of a pigment and is a mineral dye acting like pearl gloss 
  6. Isododecane is emollient and absorbent. This one works like talc and balances oil in it and makes it stiff 
  7. For wax, it has cire de candelilla and microcrystalline wax. They are emollients as well as a hardener 
  8. Dimethicone in it works to make the texture of the product smooth and also heals skin 
  9. Methicone comes with dimethicone it makes the application process easy as spreading the color on the lips become easy 
  10. The new ingredient is collagen in it. Collagen hydrates the skin and locks the moisture in it 
  11. Titanium dioxide prevents sun damage 
  12. The pigment compounds are iron oxide, which is essential for a nude shade, a bit of yellow and red pigment well to balance the colors 
  13. SLS and PEG free 
  14. Paraben and cruelty-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Has silicone in it 
  3. Has microplastics 
  4. Has petroleum products  

This product is a hydrating lip liner and those who have very dry skin should totally stick to this one. This particular line has various shades constituting both warm and cool tones. 

10. Glo Skin Beauty Precision Lip Liner- Acron 

Weight:0.5 Oz 


This shade is a bit caramel brown and has a warm undertone to it. I’d wear this color with a transparent gloss really. Such a pretty nude! And if you have a warm skin tone or even slightly darker this will be a flattering shade for you. A perfect lip liner for a formal dinner or meeting. The formula is very hydrating as it has tocopherol in it. So the lips won’t feel chapped or rough. Easy to apply and re-apply. I’d say it an essential to the makeup collection.  

To buy: 

  1. Long-lasting with easy application  
  2. Has satin or glossy finish to it 
  3. As for the glossy finish, they have silicones in them. Such as Cyclopentasiloxane in it. Like previous lip liners, they create a barrier on the lips and makes it non-volatile with easy spreading  
  4. For wax, they got synthetic and microcrystalline wax in it. Both are hydrocarbon product and works as emollient and hardener 
  5. Isododecane absorbs the oils and balances the product. This makes the product non-greasy 
  6. Hydrogenated cottonseed oil is a mineral oil and smooths and hydrates skin. This is also a humectant  
  7. Jojoba oil is a vegetable wax. This does wonder for lip skin. Makes the product more effective by nourishing the skin deeply  
  8. Ceresin and ozokerite are also used as wax materials. Both are mainly fillers and increases the longevity of the product  
  9. Has mica extract in it. Mica extract is a multipurpose ingredient. It masks the odor, resists slippage, and has pigmented effect on the product. This is a mineral dye 
  10. This has ascorbyl palmitate in it. This a source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C heals skin and rejuvenates it 
  11. Then there is tocopherol in it. Vitamin E, C, and antioxidants. This moisturizes the skin and makes it plump 
  12. Gluten and paraben-free 
  13. No SLS or PEG 
  14. Vegan 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has petroleum ingredients in it 
  2. Contains microplastics like polybutene 

Glo skin is a Brilliant brand on the market for its clean product. The color is very flattering and worth a purchase. 

11. Max-Factor X Colour Elixir Lip Liner- Brown ‘N Nude 

Weight:0.04 Oz 


The brand is a drugstore brand, thus making the product an affordable one. The shade is warm brownish nude and orange tint to it. This the warmest one on the list till now. It comes in a pencil build way and the lead of the liner is transparent. Watching it from the outside it might look a bit orange, but it has a brown finish to it. The formula is on the creamier side and has a glossy finish to it. 

To buy: 

  1. Lasts long with easy application  
  2. Glossy finish 
  3. Doesn’t contain any alcohol or perfume  
  4. Let us start with the product that makes it glossy and easy to apply. Cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone base component. This makes the application easy and forms a layer on top of the skin. Like a barrier and is water-resistant  
  5. Mica extract is a mineral dye. This masks up any smell give a glossy finish as well as an absorbent  
  6. Hydrogenated cottonseed oil is an emollient and moisturizer. This helps the skin to retract moisture  
  7. Jojoba oil is in wax-ester form. This is an emollient and helps to rejuvenate dry and patchy skin 
  8. Ceresin is used as a wax part. A hydrocarbon wax 
  9. With ceresin came ozokerite. This is also a hydrocarbon wax and helps the product to stabilize  
  10. Microcrystalline Cera is a synthetic wax 
  11. Tocopherol contains vitamin E and antioxidants and is an emollient. Vitamin E protects the skin from sun damage 
  12. Another form of antioxidant is ascorbyl palmitate. This also has vitamin C in it. Vitamin C brightens the skin as well as moisturizes it  
  13. Has pigments of red, yellow, and blue 
  14. Vegan and gluten-free 
  15. Doesn’t contain PEG or SLS 

Not to buy: 

  1. Contains paraben 
  2. Has aluminum and petroleum parts in it 
  3. Has microplastics like polybutene 

At such an affordable price this product is worth a try and is a very good lip liner to use with any of your lipstick or lip glosses. 

12. Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Shaping best nude Lip Liner Makeup- Divine Wine 

Weight:0.01 Oz 


Another twist and turn product. Maybelline has very affordable products and it’s famous all over the world. This particular shade is of cool-toned brown. If you have a dark skin tone you should definitely give it a try. For the nude lip, I’d always prefer a dark lip liner to enhance the shade and make it a bit visible maybe. The tip is very precise and one stroke is enough to get the product going. Easy-peasy. The shade has more like a neutral undertone to it. So good for all skin time.  

To buy: 

  1. Glides easily and has a long-lasting effect 
  2. Semi-matte finish 
  3. As a glossy product, there has to silicone in it to make the product glide easily. Dimethicone is that. This creates a barrier on the skin by making it non-volatile  
  4. For the wax part, synthetic wax is used 
  5. Disiloxane works to increase the precise spreadable outcome 
  6. Alumina in it is mainly an absorbent to balance the oils. This also helps to increase the range of pigment in the product  
  7. Polyhydroxystearic acid helps to prevent sun damage 
  8. Ascorbyl palmitate helps to rejuvenate the lip skin with the vitamin C in it. This also has antioxidants 
  9. BHT is a synthetic antioxidant and a preservative  
  10. Tocopherol is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants. This also helps to preserve the skin from UV rays 
  11. Citric acid is mainly a buffering agent as well as an AHA and exfoliating agent. This helps to heal dry lips 
  12. Lecithin is an emollient as well as an humectant 
  13. Disteardimonium Hectorite is helping to increase viscosity and increases the smoothness of the product  
  14. Gluten-free and vegan 
  15. No SLS or PEG 
  16. Paraben-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Has petroleum and aluminum incorporated parts in it 
  2. Has microplastics in it 

This lip liner is very affordable and has all the qualities of any luxury brand you might prefer. This is available almost everywhere in the world. 

13. Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil- Cocoa 

Weight:0.04 Oz 


This shade is a dark brown one. Like the name of it, cocoa. But it is lighter than the Maybelline one. The undertones are neutral. So flattering for every skin tone. Has a matte finish but the tip is not at all stiff. Pencil build product. This is a very flattering shade and it’s not very overpowering. If you have fair skin, you can use it as a brown lip liner. And for dusky to dark skin, you can use it as a nude liner with a gloss or lipstick. 

To buy: 

  1. Easy to apply lasts long 
  2. Matte finish 
  3. Caprylic triglyceride is an emollient and helps to retain moisture in the skin 
  4. For the wax part, it has candle wax, which is a hydrocarbon wax, carnauba wax is a vegetable wax. Both of these ingredients stabilize the product  
  5. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also an emollient and makes the skin supple  
  6. Ceramide is also an humectant. This makes the moisture content intact to the skin 
  7. Palmitoyl tripeptide is an amino acid making the penetration easy 
  8. Tocopherol has vitamin E and antioxidants. This prevents the skin from absorbing UV rays 
  9. Lactic acid is an AHA and humectant. This helps to maintain the pH of the skin and also works as a sunscreen  
  10. Ascorbyl palmitate is an antioxidant and vitamin C. This helps to brighten up the skin 
  11. Mica extract is a mineral dye that brings luster to the product. 
  12. This has red, yellow, blue, etc. Pigment in it 
  13. No SLS or PEG 
  14. Paraben-free 

Not to buy: 

  1. Not vegan 
  2. Had microplastics in it 
  3. Has aluminum and petroleum components in it 

If you go for the brand name, this is one of the famous ones, but if you go for the product-wise, you’ll see thousands of positive reviews.  

Want to know more about lip makeups? Here’s the list of 7 best matte liquid lipsticks of 2021.

Red lip liners might be a bold and classic statement, but I hardly ever had the confidence to pull a bold red lip to put on and leave the house. That’s where nude lips work. Not too much product on the lips, but just enough to make it look chic. In the past decade, where KUWTK started airing people to line up for Kim’s looks. And she is the queen of nude lipsticks and liners.

Apart from celebrities and beauty influencers, there’s the never-ending hype about the makeup-no-makeup look. Just to have flawless skin in a word these are some of the best nude lip liners. But with that skin, you need plumped lips to cover the whole look. And that’s how nude lip liners work their wonder. 

Tips to get a perfect nude lip: 

  1. Exfoliate your lips first. This removes dead cells from the lips and makes them plump. 
  2. Moisturize your lips. Exfoliation can leave the skin feeling very dry. For that moisturizing is a must. 
  3. Use concealer or any foundation over your lips and blend with a brush or beauty blender. This will enhance the shade of your lips. 
  4. Use a lip liner closer to your lip color and fill it in. Filling in will make the lipstick last long. And even if the lipstick is vaporized after few hours, the lips won’t look awkward.  
  5. Now use your favorite nude lipstick over the lip liner. 
  6. Use a gloss to give it a bit of shimmer(only if you want to). 
  7. If you want to contour your lips try using a darker lip liner and follow the symmetrical line of the nose and mouth. 


  1. Should lip liner be lighter or darker than lipstick?  

The lip liner can be darker or in the same shade as the lip. With dark shade, you can get a gradient lip and with the same shade, it’ll prevent the lipstick from bleeding.  

  1. How do you apply a nude lip liner? 

Follow the natural lip line and use a back and forth motion to apply it smoothly. This will help you to build up the color. But in cream-based ones, one stroke is enough. 

  1. Does my lip liner has to match my lipstick?  

No. It can be darker, lighter, or the same color. Totally depends on your preference. Darker lip liners give gradient lips, same color lip liners give definition and lighter ones are used to blend shades.

  1. Can you wear a lip liner without lipstick?  

Yes. That will give a matte look and will last long. But with pencil liners make sure to moisturize first before using it. 

  1. Do you need a lip liner with matte lipstick?  

Not always. But for matte lipstick, lip liners give an outline that you can use to put your lipstick on. This will ensure a precise lipstick application.  


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